5 Star OFS, LLC

5 Star OFS owns and operates a growing portfolio of commercial saltwater disposal facilities and oilfield waste processing plants throughout Texas. We provide E & P companies with convenient, cost-effective and environmentally compliant water/waste management, transportation and disposal services.

BlueJack Energy Solutions

BlueJack Energy Solutions funds, develops, and operates waste stream solutions for producers in the Permian Basin and the Marcellus and Utica shale plays. Through integrated partnerships with producers, we utilize our flexible approach to construct and operate infrastructure specifically engineered for each unique condition. With extensive knowledge and operational experience, we take a comprehensive approach to waste stream solutions and management. BlueJack Energy Solutions offers unparalleled customer service and has a proven commitment to safety and environmental stewardship.

Cinco Operating

Cinco Oil & Gas, LLC. is a Dallas, Texas based independent exploration and production company focused on the acquisition and development of unconventional oil and natural gas resources. Our assets are located primarily in two core areas: the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas and the Powder River Basin of Wyoming.

EnWater Solutions, LLC

Provide efficient and innovative water management solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards.Leverage experience and relationships built over years working in the Permian basin Singularly focused in Permian basin to ensure supervision from top management and provide the highest quality of service. Adept at understanding the complexities and workings of the Permian basin oil and gas market and creating long term solutions.In addition to managements own capital, EnWater is backed by a financial commitment from TPH Partners. We excel at creative deal structuring to provide solutions that fit our client’s goals. Our experience across all facets of the water value chain enables us to optimize our client’s water management program.

Goodnight Midstream

Goodnight Midstream provides professional fluids management services to oil and gas producers. The Company owns and operates an extensive network of water gathering pipelines and salt water disposal wells focused on gathering and disposing of produced saltwater. Goodnight’s midstream approach minimizes environmental impact and improves health and safety while lowering lease operating expense and improving reliability for our customers. Goodnight is supported by a team of highly experienced engineers and operating professionals. We offer our customers reliable produced water gathering and disposal systems in three of the country’s most active oil plays, the Williston Basin, the Permian Basin, and the Eagle Ford shale, and have an emerging presence in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin.


Layne is a leading water management and services company providing responsible, integrated solutions to address the world’s toughest water, minerals and infrastructure challenges. Layne’s experts collaborate across divisional, functional and geographic lines to deliver total solutions for the world’s toughest water, mineral and energy challenges. This integrated approach allows us to offer more than individual services – it ensures streamlined communications, expedited timelines, and a constant focus on safety and sustainability.

Luxe Energy

Luxe Energy LLC (“Luxe Energy” or the “Company”) is an oil and gas company based in Austin, Texas. The Company’s strategy is to acquire unconventional oil properties in liquids rich basins throughout the United States, and to apply innovative technologies to drive operational excellence. Their primary focus is on opportunities where their operational efficiency, reservoir management and geological expertise will enhance value and returns.

Matador Resources

Matador Resources Company is an independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development, production and acquisition of oil and natural gas resources in the United States, with an emphasis on oil and natural gas shale and other unconventional plays. Our current operations are focused primarily on the oil and liquids-rich portion of the Wolfcamp and Bone Spring plays in the Delaware Basin in Southeast New Mexico and West Texas.

Mesquite Services

Mesquite Services is a locally-owned trucking company based in Lubbock, Texas providing service to the oilfields of Southeast New Mexico. We offer transport trucks, vacuum trucks, kill trucks and winch trucks with trailers. We carry KCL, fresh water, and brine and have a close affiliation with many of the disposal sites in the Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas.

Mewbourne Oil Company

Established in 1965, Mewbourne Oil Company has grown into one of the more prominent independent oil and natural gas producers in the Anadarko and Permian Basins of Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico. The company’s success over the years can be attributed to a conservative approach to the business and a philosophy of managing all phases of operations from “prospect to pipeline.”

OnPoint Energy Services

OnPoint Energy Services strives to be a leading oil and gas field service company dedicated to integrity, customer satisfaction and exceptional resource management. We aim to protect the health, safety, and environment of our employees, customers and communities in the Energy Logistics Arena.

PetroWaste Environmental

Petro Waste Environmental LP (PWE) focuses on disposing of these waste streams efficiently and cost effectively. We are constructing an extensive networks of state-of-the-art, RRC-permitted facilities consisting of large regional solid waste disposal facilities supplemented by numerous smaller satellite processing facilities. The regional facilities are designed to accommodate solid waste and semi solid waste and the satellite processing facilities handle waste streams with higher liquid content. This infrastructure design will make us not only one of the safest, but also one of the most efficient and cost effective options for E & P companies to select for the processing and disposal of their solid and fluid oil field wastes. PWE’s goal is to be no more than 30 miles from exploration and production activity throughout the regions where we operate.

Pyote Solutions

Pyote Water Systems was established in 2009 in Midland Texas to engage in the business of owning and operating salt water disposal facilities, fresh water stations, brine stations and any other facilities or business including the handling of oil field water and non-hazardous oil and gas fluid and solid waste for commercial use. The company has an extensive and continuously developing presence throughout the Permian Basin and EagleFord Shale regions of Texas and New Mexico, but is not limited to these areas.

Select Energy Services

Our Water solutions segment, operating primarily under our subsidiary Select Energy Services, LLC, is a leading provider of total water solutions to customers that include major integrated oil companies and independent oil and gas producers. These services include: the sourcing of water; the transfer of the water to the wellsite through permanent pipeline infrastructure and temporary pipe; the containment of fluids off- and on-location; measuring and monitoring of water; the filtering and treatment of fluids, well testing and handling of flowback and produced formation water; and the transportation and recycling or disposal of drilling, completion and production fluids. We also have investments in or strategic relationships with treatment technology companies providing bubble flotation, chemical precipitation, chemical disinfection and distillation, through in-house equipment, strategic licensing, investments and relationships. Our water solutions segment includes our engineered water solutions group, which consists of professionals with significant technical and project development experience.

Solaris Water Midstream

Solaris Midstream is an independent, growth-oriented midstream company headquartered in Houston, Texas, that owns, operates and designs crucial midstream assets across key unconventional U.S. basins. Solaris is initially focused on developing cost-effective, efficient and reliable water-specific midstream solutions.


WaterBridge Resources LLC was founded as a collaborative endeavor comprised of established industry professionals with solid reputations, and demonstrated track records in leading best-in-class production service businesses—as well as in delivering high-quality service to major clients in basins across the United States.

Whitewater Resources

Whitewater Resources is a waste water disposal company for the Eagle Ford Shale play. We are committed to providing high quality transportation and disposal service of produced fluids from energy companies participating in the discovery and production of oil and natural gas near Eagle Ford. Whitewater Resources currently focuses on the Eagle Ford area natural gas and oil companies to be of quick service. Our goal is vertically integrate our process to fulfill your waster disposal needs efficiently.