SitePro offers a variety of solutions to help service companies and operators manage the entire water life-cycle efficiently, effectively and economically.

Traditionally Water Management has been the highest Lease Operating Expenses (LOE) for many operators because of the high cost of transport, disposal, or recycling. Service companies have historically relied on manual processes because automation and software solutions weren’t built to address their problems, leading to high costs to the operator.

SitePro is addressing this issue for both E&P operators and service companies by providing a full life-cycle solution to lower water related operating costs for the entire life-cycle of water. Our experienced team understands the importance of customer service in the oil and gas industry, because we come from the industry.

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Cloud-Based Automation Products for Oil and Gas Companies

What some of our customers say

  • “SitePro®’s customer service is outstanding. They are team-oriented and are always able to get a hold of, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They’re really a team.”…“The ease of generating reports and ability to track information with SitePro® absolutely meets our expectations. We use the service every day.”… “We can reduce the labor on our operations side by using SitePro®’s automation to run the sites, which allows us to have full control of the site via laptop or phone.”

    Billy Doucette – VP of Operations, Pyote Water Systemsy

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  • “Our previous automation system didn’t compare at all with SitePro®. SitePro®’s user-friendly interface, the access it provides to information, its real-time data, and its speed are its top qualities.”… “We use SitePro® fifty times a day.”

    Riley Neatherlin, Operations Manager, Mesquite SWD Inc.

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