Utilizing SitePro’s Command Center and in-field automation, clients can track, monitor, and control pipeline volumes, pressures, and flow rates in real-time from their fingertips on our pipeline dashboard.


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Volume & Allocation

Pipeline volume & allocation reports by pipeline or operator, including ability to create third party access to controlled information of relevant data.

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Customizable Alarms

Customizable alarms notify operators of potential leaks or blowouts by monitoring changes in pressure, flow rates, and valve positions.

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Remote Controlled Pumps

Remote controlled pumps and valves allow operators to efficiently manage their infrastructure remotely.


  • Reduced Administrative Workload – Ready made allocation reports seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and accounting systems.

  • Security – Our data is securely hosted in the cloud for ultimate data access protection and archiving.

  • Reduce Downtime – Remotely set and receive sophisticated distribution alerts for real-time notification of infrastructure issues.

Pipeline Monitoring Cloud-based Software for Oil and Gas Companies


  • Monitor and Allocation Cloud-based Software for Oil and Gas

    Commercial-produced water pipelines

    Monitor & allocate your customer’s volumes for each pipeline coming into or leaving your facility

  • Freshwater Sales Monitoring Cloud-based Software for Oil and Gas Companies

    Commercial freshwater sales monitoring

    Track and monitor fresh water volumes for sales and allocation.

  • Remotely Control Water Routes for Facilities Cloud-based Software Solutions

    Infield infrastructure

    Remotely control and monitor infield infrastructure to route water to appropriate facilities.

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