SitePro’s automated P-18 generation makes Regulatory Reporting easy. Easily submit reports to government agencies, the Texas Railroad Commission, LTC, or the New Mexico Oil & Conservation Division, directly in the SitePro® platform.


SitePro Pipeline Oil Allocation icon

Pipeline Volume Allocation

Pipeline volume allocation by customer, company, or individual well

SitePro P-18 Generation icon

P-18 Generation

Automatic P-18 Generation with ERP syncing data verification

SitePro Oil Allocation Letters icon

Oil Allocation Letters

Customizable oil allocation letters for individual wells or leases


  • Reduced Administrative Workload – Cloud based application reduces report processing time and keeps reports easily accessible

  • Better Analytics – Built-in historian allows detailed data history to be viewed and captured to access past performance trend, pie charts, problems, and integration to meet corporate requirements

  • Better Accuracy – Data verification allows less time spent on reconciliation


  • Automatic P-18 Generation Software for Oil and Gas Companies

    Saltwater Disposal

    Submit P-18s to the Texas Railroad Commission.

  • Oil Allocation Letters Software Generation for Oil and Gas Companies

    Tank Battery

    Oil allocation letters for leases or individual wells.

  • Oilfield Real-time Site Analysis Software Solutions

    Internal reports

    Use site analysis to evaluate customer volumes, trends, and other site information in real-time.

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