Installing SitePro Surveillance at your facilities is the best way to deter potential theft as well as monitor onsite operations in real-time. We can install surveillance while installing our innovative solutions or at a seperate time, depending on your company’s needs.


SitePro Rugged Setup icon


Rugged setup with solar power capabilities

SitePro Mobile Surveillance icon


Mobile Surveillance Unit deployed in areas with no infrastructure

SitePro Live feed icon


Live Feed/Motion Capture or DVR capabilities


  • Security – Prevent unauthorized activity, match measurements or tickets with time stamped video

  • Lower Operating Costs – Reduce travel time with 24/7 visibility of onsite operations

  • Protection – Feel at ease knowing you can view any and all activity at your site in real-time or with DVR


  • Oilfield Site Wait Time and Ticket Verification Cloud-based Solutions

    Sales Verification

    Verify tickets or wait times at disposal facilities

  • Oilfield Theft Prevention Surveillance Cloud-based Solutions

    Theft Prevention

    Catch potential oil theft, even at night, and match tank level readings with time stamped video

  • Oilfield Construction Phase Remote Monitoring Solutions

    Mobile Surveillance Unit

    Allows on-site security during construction phase, drilling, and any location temporarily lacking electricity

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