Tank level monitoring and inventory management can eliminate the need for manual tank gauging, resulting in more accurate readings, reduced operating expense and a safer working environment. SitePro’s sophisticated platform, Command Center, allows custom alarms and set points for efficient tank level monitoring and control.


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Mobile Device Access

Real-time tank levels, volumes, and capacities, with access to historical data

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Custom Alerts

Custom alert capability with notifications by text or email, remotely control levels using pumps or valves

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Turn-key Setup

Turn-key setup in remote locations where power or communications are limited


  • Accuracy – Accurately measure tank volumes, including water/oil cut

  • Control – Control tank volumes remotely using our patented remote control technology

  • Security – Monitor historical time stamped tank volumes for extra security from theft, couple it with our surveillance solution for ultimate protection.

Tank Monitoring Cloud-based Software Solution for Oil and Gas Companies


  • Real-time Tank Gauging Cloud-based Software for Oil and Gas Companies

    Tank Gauging

    Eliminate manual tank gauging, get accurate real-time data remotely using our web platform or mobile application.

  • Custom Alerts for Oilfield Valves and Pumps Software Solutions

    Custom Alarm Settings

    Users can create custom alarm settings to open and close valves at certain levels, turn pumps on or off, or receive notifications about issues.

  • Oilfield Oil Tank Monitoring Solutions Software

    Fluid Inventory Monitoring

    Monitor oil tank batteries, produced water, frac ponds, or any other fluid inventory.

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