Lubbock firm finds niche with fluid management software

In 2012, Aaron Phillips, chief executive officer of AmpliSine Labs, and David Bateman, chief financial office and chief business officer, were huddled in the dog house of a drilling rig. They were attempting the first installation of their SitePro® automation software. “We developed the system in the field,” said Bateman during a recent visit from … Continued

New Technologies are Becoming the Competitive Advantage Companies Need to Surpass Their Peers

THE RECENT DOWNTURN in energy has ignited the largest energy technology revolution we have ever seen. All aspects of the energy industry are experiencing this upsurge in innovation. Historically, and still to a large degree, when the word “technology” has been used in regards to the oil and gas business, we assume the technology refers to … Continued

Lubbock company helping create a digital oil and gas industry

Lubbock-based AmpliSine Labs is helping the oil and gas industry go digital. AmpliSine Labs recently created SitePro, a real-time cloud-based platform, that connects oil production companies, oil service companies and water and environmental companies to one system for efficient fluid management. SitePro aims to remove the hassle and minimize the downtime associated with fluid management … Continued